Saint or sinner? Giving Delia Smith’s cheats a go

Delia's potato & onionDelia’s How to Cheat at Cooking received a mixed press when it was released last year. The book presented easy-to-cook recipes that utilised specific products from named manufacturers and supermarkets. Some welcomed her recognition that many of us want to eat tasty, home-cooked food but simply donlt have the time. Others accused her of dumbing down and selling out.

Last night, Susie cooked Delia’s oven-sautĂ©ed  potatoes with red onion, garlic and rosemary, which we ate with steak and fried mushrooms. Says Delia:

A pack of frozen spuds becomes really classy with the treatment; the finishing flourish is a sprinkling of rosemary flaked seas salt.

The spuds in question here are McCain frozen crispy slices; and the sea salt from Tesco. I have to report that the potatoes were excellent: light and floury body inside a crisp skin with a good bite. Susie drizzled truffle oil over the steak (a tip from Serge at Numide). Game on.


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  1. What a great site this is.
    I thought I was the only person that read a recipe and method then changed it into a language I could understand.
    Imo too many recipes are over complicated and set out in the wrong order for prep.
    I’m a bit of a lazy cook so when I find a recipe that takes all day to prep and wash up I try to simplify it.
    I’m not talking about not following the recipe but more the prep.
    Why start prep of fresh meat on a board that you then have to clean to prep a salad or garnish?
    Then back to fresh meat and back to fruit??
    Crazy crazy crazy.
    I note in one or two of your posts that you like the likes of Madhur Jaffries and Delia Smith. Me too but the prep order and associated washing up of some of the recipes is beyond belief.
    You obviously enjoy cooking and talking about it, why not write a book about it or something?
    Must be thousands of people that don’t want to spend more time washing up than eating and the big names in cooking don’t seem to grasp that bit.

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