Surrey sun calls for a Mediterranean Marcella Hazan supper

tomatoTomato sauce for pasta? It’s all about garlic, isn’t it? Not necessarily. Marcella Hazan’s basic tomato sauce is a heady brew that’s achieved by chucking handfuls of skinned and chopped fresh tomatoes into a pan with oodles of butter, slicing an onion in half and submerging them to boil away in the mix. The onion is fished out and discarded after 45 minutes or so. Turned into pasta, the resulting sauce will blow your mind. I’ll show you what it looks like later; meanwhile, I can’t better Orangette’s description of the sauce’s flavour:

It tastes pure: rich, round, and deeply reassuring, like tomato sauce is supposed to taste. The first words that spring to mind, actually, are va-va-voom, which are hardly words at all, really, and are probably better suited to a young Sophia Loren, but still, I mean it: this is a show-stopping, voluptuous sauce. The butter bolsters the sweetness of the tomatoes and rounds off their acidic edges, while the onion – which is halved, simmered slowly in the sauce, and then discarded – lends just a subtle, savory backdrop.


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