Chef Eric Chavot sends me bananas at the Capital

bananasTwo nice men from the AA Guide took me for lunch at the Capital Hotel in Knightsbridge yesterday. The chef there is a Frenchman called Eric Chavot. Eric is what’s known as a chef’s chef: not for him the fripperies of TV chefdom; he quietly plies his trade in London and is quoted as one of their favourite chefs by many of his peers. In an interview with me a couple of years ago, Marco Pierre White called Eric “the best chef in London without a doubt“.

The meal was superb. Scallops and bacon to start, rabbit fricasse with sublime wild mushroom pearl barley risotto, and – my favourite course – a fantastic banana tart tatin. I love bananas and I adore tarte tartin, so the dessert had my name all over it.This weekend I’m going to hit the cookery books and try to make one myself. Unless anyone out there has a good recipe for me to try?


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  1. Nice blog Mark – like the name. Sounds like you had an amazing meal. I’ve wanted to eat at the Capital since interviewing Eric – for a Caterer My Life no less. Here is Jamie’s recipe. It said ‘pass it on’ – so that’s what I’m doing.

    • Thanks Rosie – I’ll have a go at this recipe and tell you how it works out. Have a great weekend.

  2. […] Chef Eric Chavot sends me bananas at the Capital […]

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