Taking risotto advice from Jun Tanaka and Marcella Hazan …

porcini mushroomsI’m making mushroom risotto tonight. Susie reckons I make a pretty nifty risotto, but I’m not sure I’ve mastered the art. I’ve tried all sorts of recipes: it’s that “glue-y yet liquid” balance I struggle with. Tonight I’m going to follow a Marcella Hazan porcini mushroom risotto recipe. I’m also going to check out a few other recipes, including one in the new Jun Tanaka book, Simple to Sensational, for wild mushroom risotto. Thing is, Susie has a punnet of mushrooms that need using up, and I want to incorporate them into the dish. Should I fry the mushrooms first? Or simply stir them into the rice as it is cooking? Lordie, I don’t know.


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